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Berlin's disruptions centre

  • Love

    Love KMU & Disruption and think in 360°. Our IT systems are human-based and not the other way around.

  • Attack

    All heavyweight processes and conservative systems will fail. And we are working hard to achieve that ;)

  • Life

    Currently, as a spin-off of Spreenauten GmbH, we can be found in a small office in Friedrichshain.

What we do

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Actually, we can’t, as we are already so busy with our own disruptive and platform projects

However, if you have a start-up and are looking for VC, we suggest you get in touch with our daddy Spreengkraft Holding GmbH. If you’re looking for communications technology, our mama Spreenauten GmbH could work well for you. And if you are so cool you are looking for a sparring partner, please get in touch with

Daniel - Project Manager of Spreelabs.

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